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What Happened to Mercy?

“Mercy is a value that should be at the heart of any functioning and tolerant society,” Australian musician Nick Cave wrote.

Getting Arrested Won’t Stop These 2 Pro-Life Leaders

It’s not often that you end up sharing a jail cell with your dad and your oldest son. But that’s exactly where David Benham found himself.

Washington State Wants to Force This Church to Pay for Abortions

The state of Washington has passed a law that forces churches like Cedar Park to pay for abortions through their health insurance plans.

I Was Ousted as Student Senate President for My Faith—Now I’m Taking a Stand

Public universities are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas where free expression is encouraged, not shut down. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been my experience.

How 5 Recent U.S. Supreme Court Rulings Impact Churches and Ministries

In the past few months, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued several decisions that impact religious organizations. We're here to help church and ministry leaders break down the impact of these rulings.

Is The Hollywood Reporter Cancelled?

When Hall of Fame basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar chooses to weigh in regarding the distinct physiological differences between men and women as they pertain to competitive sports, it's worth listening.

WATCH: Why We Should Want More Than Mere Tolerance

What does tolerance really mean? What is the history of toleration in America? Watch the latest Freedom Matters video to find out!