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Legal Training

Preparing You to Engage the Legal Culture

Timothy D. Chandler

Alliance Defending Freedom has built a strong alliance of Christian professionals through several world-class training programs. Whether you are a new attorney, law student, or college student, Alliance Defending Freedom has a program specifically designed to envision and equip you, not only to thrive in your chosen field of practice, but also to make a lasting impact for Christ.

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Young Lawyers Academy

The Alliance Defending Freedom Young Lawyers Academy provides attendees with specific resources and opportunities to engage in ADF-related issues at the outset of their careers, in addition to excellent legal training and inspiring worship and devotions. This program is designed specifically for recent law school graduates and lawyers in their first few years of practice, with an emphasis on those working in large and mid-size firms.

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Blackstone Legal Fellowship

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is a summer training program that brings together highly-credentialed Christian law students to study under prominent scholars, participate in career-building legal internships, and prepare for a life of excellence and leadership in the law profession culture.

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ADF Law School Prep Academy

The Alliance Defending Freedom Law School Prep Academy prepares the next generation of leaders in the legal profession to succeed throughout their law school tenure. The program is designed for those starting law school in the fall and provides a competitive advantage to set them on a trajectory for success.

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ADF Legal Academy
ADF Legal Academy

ADF’s Legal Academy seamlessly combines outstanding legal training with an unwavering commitment to Christian principles. At the Legal Academy, you will engage with other Allied Attorneys, ADF staff attorneys, and renowned faculty; receive resources and discover opportunities to engage with ADF on its mission; and join in inspiring worship and devotions each day.

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ADF Journalism Academy

The ADF Journalism Academy equips young professionals to be high quality journalists and communicators who promote the truth in their respective fields. The training includes philosophical foundations in the profession, as well as the art of storytelling, messaging, media relations, and video journalism.

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