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Cases to watch

Supreme Court of the United States

In 2021, we received more than 10,000 requests for legal help. That’s more than double our annual average—and more than 25 requests every single day.

At any one time, we’re working on more than 1,000 active legal matters.

This is a unique moment. The legal threats to your cherished freedoms and values continue to rise. And you need to be aware of those threats.

Here’s a summary of key cases for you to watch right now.


Lorie Smith of 303 Creative
U.S. Supreme Court
Lorie Smith and 303 Creative

Alliance Defending Freedom represented graphic artist Lorie Smith in a landmark free-speech case before the Supreme Court last December.

Lorie left the corporate design world to start her own design studio, 303 Creative, so she could promote causes close to her heart. She was excited to create websites that celebrate marriage between a man and a woman, but Colorado made clear she’s not welcome in that space. Colorado is censoring her speech and trying to force her to create custom websites celebrating same-sex weddings, thus violating her beliefs about marriage. Lorie works with everyone, including those who identify as LGBT, but, like most artists, can’t promote every message.

Free speech is for everyone. No one should be forced to say something they don’t believe. Every American should be free to say what they believe without fear of government punishment.