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Free Speech

A marketplace of diverse ideas is essential to a free society. Protecting the fundamental right of free speech ensures that all have the liberty to engage in civil discourse and pursue truth without fear of government punishment or retaliation.

ADF seeks to cultivate a society defined by respect and tolerance for different views, the free exchange of ideas, and robust debate. Free speech is a right belonging to everyone—from the student on the college campus to the creative professional wanting to speak messages in accordance with his or her conscience. Government censorship, compelled speech, “hate speech” laws, free speech zones, and cancel culture all undermine free speech and should be opposed.

Learn More About Free Speech

Megaphone at a protest
What is Freedom of Speech?

There is a reason that America’s Founding Fathers considered the freedom of speech one of the most important liberties to protect.

University campus
Free Speech on College and University Campuses

ADF's Center for Academic Freedom defends the First Amendment rights of students, student organizations, and faculty members at America's public universities.

Free Speech Resources


The First Amendment Ebook

First Amendment Myths and Facts

Be prepared to effectively defend free speech in conversations with friends and family.

Students Rights Ebook

Students Rights Handbook

For students, parents, teachers, professors, and coaches:

You don't need to leave your faith at home. Understand what your rights are on your school campus.