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Supreme Court of the United States

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Why Does the Senate’s Infrastructure Bill Include “Equality Act” Language?

Tucked into the Digital Equity Act, which was included as a provision in the infrastructure bill, are sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination requirements.

Teachers Stand Up Against Harmful Loudoun County School District Policy

School district policy forces teachers to violate their beliefs by requiring them to address “gender-expansive or transgender students” in a manner inconsistent with their biological sex.

Massachusetts Court Interferes with This Christian University’s Hiring Practices

The First Amendment protects the right of religious universities to decide the faculty they want to hire or promote. That means Christian colleges are free to choose who teaches the faith.

How One High Schooler’s Stand Protected Students Across the Country

Students should have the freedom to gather and pray without fear of being punished or shut down by their school administrators.

Activists in the Media Are Censoring Anyone Who Criticizes Transgender Ideology

Athlete Chelsea Mitchell, and authors Abigail Shrier and Ryan Anderson face censorship for sharing facts contradicting transgender ideology

Montclair State University Abolishes Unconstitutional Policies

By limiting peaceful expression to whatever was approved in advance, the university was flagrantly violating the First Amendment of the Constitution which guarantees free speech to all Americans.

Are Female Olympians on Their Way Out?

The landscape of women’s sports is quickly changing. And before long, those female heroes may become fewer and fewer.