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Is The Hollywood Reporter Cancelled?

When Hall of Fame basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar chooses to weigh in regarding the distinct physiological differences between men and women as they pertain to competitive sports, it's worth listening.

WATCH: Why We Should Want More Than Mere Tolerance

What does tolerance really mean? What is the history of toleration in America? Watch the latest Freedom Matters video to find out! 

Billy Graham’s Granddaughter Highlights the Unfair Treatment of Churches During COVID-19

Government officials may protect health and public safety. But they can never suspend the First Amendment.

WATCH: How This Adoption Provider Helped Find a Loving Home for One Special Child with Special Needs

Government officials are placing politics over the needs of children, while faith-based agencies like New Hope are committed to keeping kids first.

Connecticut Policy Robs Girls of Athletic Opportunities

Four female athletes are standing up to this unfair treatment. 

Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name From a NY Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Erase Its Eugenic Practices

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood based on the idea of controlling the genetic make-up of the human population.

5 International Cases You Should Know About

ADF International is dedicated to keeping the doors open for the Gospel worldwide so that every nation, tribe, and tongue may hear that Good News. And there is much work to be done.