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Supreme Court of the United States

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Being Good at Your Job Is Not Enough for This School District

Even when we disagree, we need to support the right of others to live and work consistently with their beliefs without fear of losing their job.

What is Critical Race Theory?

This ideology is already dominating America’s most influential institutions.

When the Government Sits in on Private Therapy Sessions

Under Washington law, the government is permitted to intrude on confidential therapy sessions and dictate what therapists and clients can discuss

Educator Still Waiting for Justice After Being Fired Over Pronouns

The government cannot force anyone to express ideas about human nature if those ideas are in direct contradiction to their deeply held beliefs. That includes teachers.

Loudoun County Community Joins Together to Stand Against Harmful School Policy

Yesterday, ADF clients Monica Gill, Kimberly Wright, and Tanner Cross along with their attorney, Tyson Langhofer, spoke at a rally held outside the Loudoun County School Board building to condemn compelled speech policies in public schools.

This Lawsuit Threatens Religious Colleges and Universities. Here’s What You Need to Know

An activist group, wants to prevent students at religious schools from receiving access to tuition grants, scholarships, and federal financial assistance due to their beliefs about marriage and human sexuality.

Does Artistic Freedom Still Exist? Lorie Smith Asks Supreme Court to Weigh In and Say Yes

Lorie Smith could use some clarity—as could creative professionals across the country.