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Biden’s New HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Has Record of Violating Free Speech

When the government devalues conscience rights—as Xavier Becerra has done—we all lose.

Generational Wins: A Victory for Parental Rights in Educational Choice

This is the third in a series of blog posts that will outline how some key courtroom victories helped protect freedom in five critical areas.

I Oppose the “Equality Act” Because It Threatens Women’s Sports

If the “Equality Act” is passed, it would make what happened in Connecticut a nationwide reality.

4 Reasons for Parents to Be Wary of the “Equality Act”

Let’s take a look at four ways the "Equality Act" could undermine your rights as a parent.

The Troubling Ideology Behind "Fairness for All"

The Fairness for All Act would violate the freedom of speech, conscience, and religion. The impact would be real, tangible, and immediate.

The True Impact of the “Equality Act”

The “Equality Act” would mandate federal government overreach and censorship of Americans from all walks of life.

CNN Accidentally Highlights the Harms of the Transgender Movement

A recent example of just how illogical gender identity ideology can be came from an unlikely place: CNN.