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3 Reasons the Equal Rights Amendment Should Stay in the Past

Activists are trying to resurrect the ERA and have sued to demand it be added to the Constitution. Here are three reasons that’s a bad idea.

Supreme Court Allows Nevada to Continue Treating Churches Worse Than Casinos

Unfortunately, on Friday, a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court declined to halt the unfair treatment of churches in Nevada.

Do Wedding Officiants Have the Freedom to Decide What Ceremonies They Perform?

As Kristi Stokes developed and grew her business, Covenant Weddings, she found out something troubling about her local laws.

Why Two Female Athletes in Idaho Joined a Legal Battle Over a State Law

Female athletes deserve a voice in this lawsuit and the opportunity to protect women’s sports in Idaho.

An Angry Mob Shuts Down Conservative Event at Binghamton University

It is troubling to see university officials allowing, and even encouraging and facilitating, viewpoint censorship and the infringement of students’ First Amendment freedoms.

This Adoption Provider in New York Just Received Fantastic News from the Second Circuit

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in favor of New Hope Family Services!

Free Speech Protected at Wisconsin University Because of One Student’s Bravery

Because of Sofie’s bravery in standing up to her university, every student on her campus will benefit.