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ADF On Salem Radio

Yes, we are on the radio speaking about the fight for your fundamental freedoms!

  • Government officials are getting bolder.
  • Across America, some government officials seek to reshape society. They want to restrict your religious freedom, crush conscience, and silence speech. No amount of compromise will ever be enough to satisfy them.
  • If America is going to remain a free society, we must act now to protect our freedom—before things get even worse.

Alliance Defending Freedom is on the front lines protecting your freedoms. We are committed to ensuring people, like you, who stand for faith and freedom never have to stand alone. Join the Alliance and give a tax-deductible donation to protect these precious freedoms for current and future generations. And, continue listening to our Salem National Radio partners!

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Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting pivotal court battles for those whose freedoms are threatened —and to defend YOUR freedom too! In the past year alone, ADF received nearly 10,000 legal requests for assistance. ADF never takes on a case unless they have the necessary funds, so your help is greatly appreciated and desperately needed.

We provide our legal services completely free of charge to our clients! Your generous financial support makes it possible for Alliance Defending Freedom and its more than 4,500 Network Attorneys to protect your freedom, and the freedom of your children and grandchildren, by providing the resources necessary to fight pivotal court battles.

Please consider making a financial contribution to defend freedom now.


  • Alliance Defending Freedom is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.