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Parents and Students

Parents' Toolkit on Critical Theory Ebook

Protect Your Children from the Consequences of Critical Theory

Access Alliance Defending Freedom’s free online training, Parental Rights in the Face of Critical Theory. This 45-minute webinar features ADF attorneys and parental rights experts who will equip you to stand up for your children and grandchildren in a hostile culture.

You’ll also receive a free copy of ADF’s Parents’ Toolkit on Critical Theory, which answers common questions about how to navigate the world of Critical Race Theory and Transgender Ideology and protect your children.

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Students Rights Ebook

Students Rights Handbook

For students, parents, teachers, professors, and coaches:

From kindergarten through college, those on school campuses across the country are facing an increasing level of censorship and even punishment for speaking up about and living out their Christian values. But being a Christian means living out your faith in all aspects of your life, including at school, and the Constitution protects your right to do so.

Alliance Defending Freedom created this free legal guide to help you understand what your rights are on your school campus and give you the confidence to know that you don’t need to leave your faith at home.


Conversation Guides

Defending Life Primer

Defending Life: An Overview of Key Abortion Cases and Their Impact

Be ready to have impactful conversations with friends and family on abortion. Be ready to dispel common myths and help defend the rights of the unborn. Our guide provides a brief but detailed look at the abortion cases you need to know about, how they changed the legal landscape in America, and ways you can take an active role in standing up for unborn children.

Critical Conversations - Life Ebook

Life: 3 Myths and 3 Facts

Conversations with friends and family about abortion have become increasingly heated and emotional. The historic outcome of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization provides a unique opportunity to dispel common myths about abortion while compassionately defending unborn lives. With this guide, we hope you will be prepared to navigate with boldness, truth, and grace the tough conversation involving abortion.

The First Amendment Ebook

First Amendment Myths and Facts

ADF is committed to defending your right to speak freely without fear of government punishment. Free speech is essential to building and supporting a culture that respects the right of all Americans to have and express their own opinions—without fear of government punishment. Be prepared to effectively defend free speech in conversations with friends and family.

Religious Freedom Three Myths & Three Facts

Religious Freedom: 3 Myths and 3 Facts

Conversations with friends and family can be challenging—especially if polarizing topics like politics or religion come up. Some religious freedom myths are accepted as truth and used to put down people of faith and religious organizations. When people say things like, “Religious freedom is just an excuse for discrimination,” we want you to be equipped to respond and set the record straight.

The U.S. Constitution: 3 Myths and 3 Facts

The U.S. Constitution: 3 Myths and 3 Facts

Understanding the U.S. Constitution is the duty of every American. Alliance Defending Freedom has been standing for freedom since 1994. We know first-hand how crucial our Constitution is—it stands between freedom and the rule of man. With this guide, we hope to prepare you to defend freedom and help friends and family better understand and appreciate our Constitution.



Protecting Your Ministry

Protect Your Ministry

For Churches, Christian Schools, and Christian Ministries:

Our Protecting Your Ministry manual will help you prepare for the legal intrusions some churches, Christian schools, and ministries around the country have already faced, along with other threats on the near horizon.

This free resource – meant for a wide range of Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic faith-based schools, ministries, and churches – provides simple and effective ways to prepare your ministry to stand against lawsuits involving same-sex marriage, sexual orientation, or gender identity. It includes sample language for bylaws, checklists, model policies, client stories, and more.

Protecting Your Pregnancy Center Ebook

Protect Your Pregnancy Center

For Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Ministries:

Our Protecting Your Pregnancy Center manual will help you safeguard your organization from legal intrusions some centers around the country have already faced, along with other threats on the horizon. This free resource – meant for a wide range of Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic faith-based ministries– provides simple and effective ways to prepare your center to stand against lawsuits that would threaten your ability to protect life. It includes sample language for bylaws, model policies, real-life examples, and more.

Sidewalk Counselor Ebook

Legal Guide for Sidewalk Counselors

For Pro-Life Sidewalk Advocates:

As a sidewalk counselor, you can bring hope and clarity to women and men facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy by connecting with them and empowering them to choose life. To do this work faithfully and effectively, however, you should familiarize yourself with your rights.

Alliance Defending Freedom created this manual to educate you about your legal rights when engaging in sidewalk counseling. We pray this resource will help you be better equipped to serve the women and men entering abortion clinics every day.



Faith in the Workplace Ebook

Faith in the Workplace

For Christian Business Owners:

Your faith is what makes you who you are – it impacts everything about the way you live your life, including the way you run your business. While some business owners are cheered and commended when they blend certain beliefs and work, that isn’t always the case for Christian business owners. Now, more than ever, you need to know that, as a Christian who owns a business, you still have the freedom to run your business consistently with your beliefs.

With recent significant cultural and legal changes in our society, we’ve created a legal guide to help you navigate potential challenges to your business. Whether you are the founder of a brand new start-up, or a veteran CEO, this free resource is for you.