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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

ADF’s History Battling Viewpoint-Squelching Student Fees at Public Universities

Our recent win at California State University-San Marcos was the latest in nearly a quarter century of ADF litigation against unconstitutional mandatory student fees.

What If PETA Were Forced to Hire Recreational Hunters?

While this is a hypothetical, a law like this was recently passed in New York.

5 Things to Pray for in the Midst of the Coronavirus Outbreak

While the details about the outbreak here in America continue to evolve, please know that we are keeping this nation, our communities, and each of you in our prayers.

Let Your Conscience—Not the Government—Be Your Guide

We should all be able to agree that no one should be forced to pay for or participate in abortion.

WATCH: An Important Win for Pro-Life Healthcare Professionals

Regardless of our views on abortion, we should all be able to agree that the government shouldn’t force us to violate our convictions under threat of losing our jobs.

This Philosophy Professor Won’t Be Used as a Mouthpiece for His University’s Favored Ideology

Can the government force us to promote ideologies that we disagree with?

After Years in Court, the Larsens Can Now Tell Wedding Stories

For years, Carl and Angel Larsen wanted to use their filmmaking to tell marriage stories. But something was standing in their way.