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Supreme Court of the United States

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Former Obama Education Official is Back And Poised to Pick Up Where She Left Off

Catherine Lhamon’s confirmation to this position is cause for concern because of how she operated the last time she held this position, under the Obama Administration.

Can a Court Dictate How a Christian College Carries Out Its Mission?

The First Amendment protects the right of religious colleges to freely exercise their faith, including deciding who teaches the faith in their classrooms.

Scientific Advances in Prenatal Medicine Call for a Change in Abortion Law

Since 1973, when Roe was decided, we have made huge advances in science as well as prenatal medicine and technology. Yet, our abortion laws remain stuck in the past.

National School Board Association Responds to Parents’ Outrage

The National School Board Association (NSBA) finally responded to the righteous outrage of parents across the nation by releasing a letter of apology late last Friday afternoon.

People of Faith Aren’t Second-Class Citizens

Governmental discrimination against people of faith sadly doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

New Hope Family Services Back in Court as New York Continues to Attack Religious Organizations

New York State refuses to respect or even tolerate sincere faith beliefs and has launched a new attack against New Hope.

Attorney General Garland Stands By Use of Federal Law Enforcement to Investigate Parents

Attorney General Garland’s memo is a severe government overreach that chills the constitutionally protected speech of those who rightly object to ill-considered policies that harm our nation’s school children.