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A School District Is Evading Federal Law to Hide Information from Parents

Are your children’s teachers hiding something from you?

WATCH: What’s Happening to Free Speech on College Campuses?

You can learn more about it by watching the latest Freedom Matters video.

Supreme Court to Hear Case of College Students Silenced from Sharing the Gospel

For more than three years, Chike Uzuegbunam has been involved in a lawsuit against his school. Let’s take a look at his case and what got him here in the first place.

A Student Punished for Privately Sharing Religious Views

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing this student to protect his right to share his beliefs without fear of punishment.

A Look at The Unjust Treatment of Churches During COVID-19 Shutdowns

The government has a duty to uphold the First Amendment, and it should not be singling out churches with extra regulations.

Supreme Court Upholds Rights of Religious Schools to Choose Who Teaches

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court affirmed that religious schools can decide who teaches their faith. This is an important victory for all religious schools!

What Is a Generational Win?

Here at Alliance Defending Freedom, we often talk about securing “generational wins” through our work in the courtrooms and in the culture.