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The COVID-19 Response Affirms the Dignity of the Sick and Elderly, Contradicting These State Laws

As these eight states and D.C. rush to protect the vulnerable populations that the coronavirus hits hardest their laws simultaneously target these populations.

Coronavirus Is Not the Only Thing Threatening to Cancel Women’s Sports

Even when the threat of the coronavirus is removed, another threat to athletic competition still remains. That is, if you're a female athlete.

Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors Ask Supreme Court to Protect Their Rights

The First Amendment protects every American’s right to speak freely.

Does the “Wall of Separation” Mean Religious Groups Can’t Receive Coronavirus Aid?

As Congress gets closer to passing a coronavirus relief bill, questions are emerging about aid provisions for religious groups, such as Christian colleges and universities.

A Few Encouraging Updates from the White House on COVID-19

This morning, I was one of 35 conservative leaders that Vice President Mike Pence briefed on COVID-19. I was very encouraged by what I heard, and I think you will be too.

Church Services, COVID-19, and the Constitution: Your Questions Answered

Many churches have shared concerns about how the government restrictions put in place to fight the spread of the virus are impacting our religious freedom. I addressed this in a video.