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Abortion Clinics Remain Open During COVID-19, While I Was Arrested for Praying Outside of One

In ten years of serving vulnerable women visiting abortion clinics, we never encountered anything like we experienced earlier this month.

COVID-19 Has Halted Daily Life, But Not Injustice

COVID-19 is spreading. But its spread is not stopping injustice.

How Government Officials Are Violating Churches’ Rights With Their COVID-19 Response

Churches facing unjust discrimination have rightfully stood firm, reminding officials that they are bound to uphold the law of the land—the Constitution.

‘Casting a Stone’ for Religious Freedom

As we think and pray for our increasingly connected world, let us also reflect on how we can use those connections for His Kingdom.

This U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Could Create More Stories Like Chief Cochran’s

Redefining “sex” to include “sexual orientation” has major implications for the freedom of all Americans.

This Professor Was Fired for What He Wrote on a Chalkboard

Dr. Nathaniel Hiers never thought that engaging in some friendly banter with his colleagues would get him fired.

Q&A with the State Representative Leading the Charge to Protect Women’s Sports

I sat down with the primary sponsor of Idaho's Fairness for Women in Sports Act, what it does, why it is needed, and what it means to her personally. Here’s what she had to say.