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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Supreme Court to Clarify—Who Decides Who Teaches: Government or Religious Schools?

The Supreme Court is considering an important issue: Does a religious school get to determine who teaches children, or does the government?

Quarantine Listening: Little Sisters of the Poor Back at the Supreme Court

The Little Sisters of the Poor have returned to the Supreme Court to plead their case.

Ordinary Heroes: Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop

When I think of ordinary heroism in normal times—the sort that is rarely celebrated—I think of Alliance Defending Freedom clients.

A Tale of Two Colleges: How One Community College in Oregon Is Silencing Student Speech

Public colleges and universities cannot require their students to get permission to exercise their First Amendment rights.

How Planned Parenthood Is Using the Coronavirus to Advance Abortion

The abortion industry has once again elevated its own interests over human life.

Introducing Freedom Matters: A Look at the Stories and Freedoms Behind ADF Cases

We are proud to present “Freedom Matters,” a new ADF initiative to engage Americans by telling the stories of our clients and explaining the fundamental freedoms at stake in their cases.