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  • Appeals court: First Amendment allows MN filmmakers ‘to choose when to speak and what to say’
    8/23/2019 4:48:39 PM
  • Expressive freedom at heart of case Kentucky Supreme Court will hear Friday
    8/22/2019 3:51:33 PM
  • Healthcare professionals tell courts: We won’t sacrifice our conscience rights
    8/21/2019 11:07:52 PM
  • International day commemorating victims of religious persecution to be observed for first time
    8/21/2019 4:04:03 PM
  • Catholic nonprofit to court: We can’t abandon beliefs, won’t stop serving children
    8/20/2019 4:24:47 PM
  • Church’s lawsuit prompts SC town to lift ban on worship services at civic center
    8/19/2019 10:14:15 PM
  • ADF to Supreme Court: Redefining ‘sex’ problematic, not job of judges, govt agencies
    8/16/2019 4:15:57 PM
  • Labor Dept.: Federal contractors have freedom to operate according to religious beliefs
    8/14/2019 11:01:58 PM
  • Court: ‘Back-room deliberations’ at Cal State–San Marcos unconstitutional
    8/14/2019 7:53:27 PM
  • Federal court halts Anchorage’s hostility toward sexually assaulted women
    8/12/2019 4:49:43 PM
  • Federal govt agrees to investigate Connecticut policy that abolishes girls-only sports
    8/8/2019 2:34:21 PM
  • Florida appeals court rules in favor of 24-hour abortion waiting period
    8/1/2019 6:29:44 PM
  • VT families ask court to reject state’s request to be let off the hook for religious discrimination
    8/1/2019 4:30:04 PM
  • Lawsuit prompts University of Florida to change policy, distribute funds fairly
    8/1/2019 4:16:36 PM
  • Michigan city under fire for law forcing citizens to promote political views they oppose
    7/30/2019 4:56:14 PM
  • Voters to US Supreme Court: Alaska’s draconian campaign contribution limits violate First Amendment
    7/23/2019 5:22:10 PM
  • Masterpiece Cakeshop owner asks court to end latest harassment over his beliefs
    7/23/2019 4:27:42 PM
  • Lawsuit prompts Florida county to end discrimination against religious school
    7/23/2019 4:13:20 PM
  • US Supreme Court agrees to take up case on Montana school-choice tax credit
    6/28/2019 4:30:54 PM
  • President Trump honors one-year anniversary of NIFLA v. Becerra decision
    6/26/2019 4:43:45 PM
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