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Kids Need Forever Homes, Not Political Ideology

Government officials in some states are discriminating against people of faith who seek to foster or adopt by excluding Americans with traditional religious beliefs from crucial child welfare services.

Already, too many children in the United States fall asleep each night, wondering if the coming day will bring them a family and a permanent home. For thousands of years, families have felt called to open their hearts to adopt and care for these cherished ones. For many, that calling is grounded in their faith.

Discover how Alliance Defending Freedom is standing against state-sanctioned religious discrimination and fighting for children in need of loving homes.

Foster Care & Adoptive Parents Guide
Confronting Religious Discrimination Guide
When the government discriminates against foster/adoptive parents based on their religious beliefs, children are harmed. These kids need a forever home—not political ideology.

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Hands Holding a Heart symbolizing adoption
Religious Discrimination Hurts Kids Waiting to Be Adopted

Some states are denying people of faith from adopting and fostering children because of their beliefs about gender and sexuality.

Parents with child
Do States Really Want Good Foster Parents?

Some states try to block qualified Christian couples from fostering or adopting children.

Jessica Bates, at home in Malheur County, Oregon
I’m a Christian and I'm Suing My State Because It Refused to Let Me Adopt Children

State officials rejected my application, excluding me from adoption because I refused to abandon my religious beliefs.

Adoption and Foster Care Cases


Jessica Bates, at home in Malheur County, Oregon

Bates v. Pakseresht

The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) denied single mother Jessica Bates’ application to become certified to adopt children from foster care because of her religious beliefs.

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It is important to highlight the underlying foundation of school choice: the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.

Lasche v. State of New Jersey

A couple filed a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey to protect their right to care for foster children without hiding their religious beliefs about family, marriage, and sex. The state’s child welfare agency removed the couple’s foster child and suspended their license after repeatedly interrogating the family about their religious beliefs about human sexuality.

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