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3 Reasons Future Law Students Should Attend ADF Law School Prep Academy

April 27, 2021

By: Jason Muehlhoff

There is a big difference between wanting to go to law school and actually going to law school. At some point, the excitement of having picked where to enroll and the curiosity of what life has in store for this season starts to give way to the more concrete worries of how to navigate day-to-day life as a first-year law student.

I knew law school would be different than undergrad in many ways but had no idea what that meant practically.

That is why the ADF Law School Prep Academy was such a blessing.

At this training, I was able to engage with law professors, practitioners, and older law students to receive a wealth of practical insights. Studying was broken down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Law school exams were demystified and explained in ways that removed much of the uncertainty about something that is often 100 percent of your grade. And advice about student groups, extracurricular commitments, and summer employment helped place law school in a fuller context.

If you or someone you know will be attending law school next fall, I highly recommend this program. Here are three reasons why:

1. Before even arriving on campus, you can get all of your questions answered by people who have been there.

The ADF staff and speakers intentionally made themselves available before and after every lecture, and many conversations with them carried on through the break and over meals. And just in case any lingering questions remained, the ADF staff held an untimed, informal Q&A until-you-drop session during the last night to make abundantly sure all concerns were addressed.

2. The ADF Law School Prep Academy helps you keep the larger picture in view.

Succeeding in law school requires a clear academic strategy, but the Law School Prep Academy reminded me that academics are not all that matters. ADF is intentional in providing a holistic training program, which includes refining a Christian worldview in the world of law. But on top of the theological and philosophical training, the content also includes keeping what truly matters—faith, family, and well-being—in their proper place, even in the stressful world of law school. This included an admonition to find a Christian community (whether in the law school itself or in a local church) that offers support and accountability to stay rooted in the faith during law school.

3. You will be plugged in to a nationwide network of Christian law students.

The ADF Law School Prep Academy is more than just the lectures and content presented. It is also an introduction into an amazing Christian network of law students who are embarking on a similar journey at law schools all across the nation.

I was able to meet two other Harvard law students at this event, both of whom are close friends of mine to this day. I also made friends at different law schools who I continue to see at national conferences, various professional settings, and of course at the Blackstone Legal Fellowship! Knowing that God is raising up a generation of smart, talented lawyers committed to furthering Christ and Kingdom is such an encouraging and exciting thing to reflect on, and something I wouldn’t have been able to experience as fully without the Law School Prep Academy.

To learn more about ADF Law School Prep Academy and how to apply, visit the link below.

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