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Stand for life - baby looking over shoulder

Stand for Life

Your gift defends the pro-life community in court so they can continue to do what they do best—save lives and give hope

More than 200 children are alive today because of a little old lady with a huge heart who took on Planned Parenthood and the Massachusetts government.

Eleanor McCullen is a sidewalk counselor. She has spent years offering help, hope, and love to the women and men going to a local Planned Parenthood for an abortion. But then Massachusetts created a “buffer zone” around abortion centers in the state. The law required Eleanor to keep at least 35 feet away from the building doors.

This wasn’t right. Eleanor knew she had to do something to fight the law. Not just to protect her own freedom, but to save lives.

Eleanor didn’t have the resources to defend herself, so she reached out to Alliance Defending Freedom. With God’s blessing and the generous support of people like you, ADF was able to take on Eleanor’s case and provide funding for it. After 8 years of fighting, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down the Massachusetts buffer zone law. Praise God!


ADF is committed to protecting the pro-life community in court when their freedoms are threatened. With your help today, we can continue to defend our pro-life brothers and sisters, including:

  • Sidewalk counselors like Eleanor who are targeted and silenced.
  • Pro-life pregnancy centers that are attacked and forced to advertise for abortion.
  • Medical professionals who object to participating in abortions.
  • Pharmacists and family-run pharmacies with moral objections to abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Churches that have been forced to cover abortion in their insurance plans.

Rise to the challenge—stand for life today!

Generous ministry friends have given a $325,000 challenge grant to help protect our most cherished freedoms—including the right to life. Will you join them today and further the impact of the grant?

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