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What the Abortion Industry Really Thinks of Women

March 4, 2019

Abortion advocates don’t think you can raise your child properly. And they’re willing to say and do anything to make you believe that lie.

You need look no further than their websites. The focus is not on “women’s health,” as they like to claim in the media. Just look at what Planned Parenthood lists as the reasons pregnant women may want to have an abortion. Here is the order they appear on one of their web pages:

“They want to be the best parent possible to the kids they already have.”

“They’re not ready to be a parent yet.”

“It’s not a good time in their life to have a baby.”

“They want to finish school, focus on work, or achieve other goals before having a baby.”

Why does Planned Parenthood think women are so incapable of being good mothers?

If they cared about you so much, shouldn’t they be empowering and inspiring you to be great mothers if and when that time comes? Instead, they do just the opposite. They judge your parenting. Even the name of their brand – Planned Parenthood – judges you. In their eyes, anything unplanned is so irresponsible of you.

But the truth is that you don’t have to be perfect to be a great parent. And someone should tell that to these pro-abortion businesses. They like to promote an image of perfection. They like to make it seem like the only way to parent is to have planned, cookie-cutter children who are taken care of by successful, supported, college-educated parents with all of the time in the world.

And they do all of that because they want you to have an abortion. They need you to have an abortion. Otherwise, they will go out of business.

That’s why Planned Parenthood tells you that you are incapable of adapting to a new life, managing responsibilities, and overcoming obstacles. That’s why they refuse to acknowledge that women who have children in spite of already having other kids, not feeling ready, or parenting while working or going to school are heroes. And that’s why they reject the fact that a baby, just before it’s born, is a baby.

You see, when women believe the lies of the abortion industry . . . Planned Parenthood profits. They make money. And the abortion industry stays in business to victimize another woman and her child.

Don’t believe the lies. Know the truth. You don’t have to be perfect. You can raise your child properly. And you are stronger than they think.

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