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Can We Finally Acknowledge that the SPLC Is Not a Trustworthy Source?

SPLC’s tactics have discouraged civil discourse, inflamed emotions, and opportunistically disparaged ideological disagreement to keep the money flowing.

How This Doctor Became an Advocate for Reason in Medicine

Dr. Cretella’s story shows us how important it is to be the voice of truth even if—especially if—everyone around you is has given into a lie.

This Catholic School Is Fighting for Its Right to Hire Employees that Share Its Beliefs

It’s ridiculous to prohibit organizations from hiring employees that are on board with the organizational mission. Yet, that is exactly what is happening in South Euclid, Ohio.

Why Facebook Is Distancing Itself from the SPLC

It looks like the SPLC may be losing its influence over big tech companies.

“Equality Act” Sends Clear Message to Women: Your Rights Don’t Matter

Women have fought long and hard for equal treatment under the law, but SOGI laws like the “Equality Act” would undo these hard-fought victories.

WATCH: A Homeless Shelter Gave These Women Hope. So Why Is the Government Trying to Shut it Down?

It’s easy for homeless women to feel like outcasts—like they don’t matter and are not loved. This is why the Downtown Hope Center exists.

This Student Group Was Denied Recognition – But It Didn’t Take “No” for an Answer

College administrators cannot arbitrarily determine that one student group is too similar to another group and deny that student group access to funds on that basis.