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Court Upholds the Right of Churches to Ask Their Employees to Follow a Code of Conduct

Sincere faith requires sincere actions that are consistent with that faith. Churches should reasonably be able to hold their employees accountable to a code of conduct.

You Can Draw the Line for Religious Liberty Today

When you draw a line, when you stand for freedom, you enable God to deliver great victories.

News You Should Know: The Tyranny of Tolerance

Did you see these news stories from the past week?

This Small Christian School Faces Fines and Jail Time for Its Beliefs… So It’s Fighting Back

Learn more about this story – and what makes this remarkable school so special to its students and their families.

New York Allowed to Continue Prioritizing Politics over Children

New York might be targeting New Hope Family Services, but it is children and families that will truly suffer if faith-based adoption providers are no longer allowed to operate.

Interning for a So-Called “Hate Group”: What I Actually Saw Behind-the-Scenes at ADF

When I accepted an internship with ADF, I didn't yet know the truth about the SPLC. And most importantly, I didn't yet know the truth about ADF.

The Untold Story of President Eisenhower’s Faith

Many books have focused on President Eisenhower’s life, presidency, and famous D-Day invasion, but there is no book on record dedicated to delving into his faith.