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Why a Funeral Home Is More Ministry Than Business

A funeral director’s role is to serve as a respectful, unobtrusive, and supportive presence for those dealing with intimate loss.

A Great Win for a Conservative Consulting Firm and Free Speech!

Grant and Jacob are now free to choose for themselves which political positions to promote. That’s a freedom everyone should enjoy.

How You Can Pray for the Harris Funeral Homes Supreme Court Case

In these short videos, Tom, his wife Nancy, and John describe some ways that you can pray as the October 8 court date draws near.

How Two Atheists Are Using a Lawsuit to Attack Two Local Churches

For years these two Hawaiian churches have been falsely accused of defrauding the government.

Michigan Is Threatening the Well-Being of Children in Foster Care… How One Ministry Responded

Several states are targeting faith-based providers and blocking them from serving these children. Here's how one ministry in Michigan responded.

News You Should Know: Why a Kentucky Printer’s Case Matters

Did you see these news stories from the past week?