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Supreme Court of the United States

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Media Reactions to HHS Changes Reflect a Bigger Problem than Just Bad Reporting

The Department of Health and Human Services recently recommitted itself to protecting conscience and the religious freedom of medical professionals.

It’s the Kids Who Lose If Adoption Agencies Are Forced to Violate Their Beliefs

The ACLU is pushing an agenda that will ultimately harm the children in Michigan’s foster care program.

Changing Lives of Law Students So They Can Change the Culture for Christ

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship did change my life, in many positive ways.

Court Stops the ACLU from Further Violating the Privacy of High School Students

The ACLU is demanding that a high school boy have full access to the girls’ locker room.

5 Major Scandals Defining Cecile Richards’ Time as President of Planned Parenthood

Here are just five of the major scandals that have surfaced during Cecile Richards’ tenure as President of Planned Parenthood.

One Afternoon, Two Victories for Freedom of Association

Colleges and universities across the U.S. have been misusing nondiscrimination policies to prohibit student clubs from choosing their leaders based on shared beliefs.

At Long Last, Michigan College Admits It Was Wrong to Arrest People Handing out the Constitution

Students don’t need a permission slip to exercise their First Amendment rights.