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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Men vs. Women at the Olympics?

Having separate men’s and women’s sports allows us to better appreciate women’s accomplishments in athletics. So, why permit men to start competing in women’s sports?

How Areté Academy Equipped Me to Pursue Truth and Justice in My Future Career

I believe that Areté Academy can be monumental in the lives of any young Christian who wants to take action for the sake of human flourishing.

Does Your Church Have Blind Spots?

Whether we like to admit it or not, there are people and organized groups that are actively looking to put limits on religious freedom and barriers around the Gospel.

3 Highlights from My Week Attending Areté Academy

Areté Academy is a perfect opportunity for any college student or recent graduate who is passionate about furthering the work of the Kingdom.

Finding a Better Valentine than Christian Grey

Good romance isn’t about realizing your fantasies—it’s about learning how to love selflessly.

This New Church Wants to Open Its Doors Downtown, But the City Is Standing in Its Way

At every turn, the City of Laurel, Maryland has done its best to block this church from following its calling.

The HHS Cases: Where Are They Now?

There has been four years of litigation and policy change surrounding the Obamacare contraceptive mandate: So, where is that litigation now?