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How A Trip to the Restroom Changed One Student’s Life

By Chris Potts posted on:
August 29, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if you could foresee, somehow, those moments when your life is about to change forever?

High school student Alexis Lightcap’s life changed as she ducked into the girl’s restroom on her way back to study hall. Inside, she saw a boy, knew that wasn’t right, ran to her teacher, who took her to the office. There, she learned that her Pennsylvania school was implementing a new policy … one that allowed all students to use the restroom appropriate to whatever gender they identify with.

The school had not told most of the students that. Nor had it given the students’ parents any warning. Administrators just quietly turned all existing expectations for student privacy upside down, and apparently hoped no one would notice – or mind.

Alexis and a handful of other students noticed – and minded. After consultation with attorneys (including Alliance Defending Freedom staff and Allied Attorneys), several decided to file suit against the school, using pseudonyms because of the risk of retaliation.

But not long into the case, Alexis felt a special responsibility to speak up under her own name. As a black young woman then in a nearly all-white school, and especially as a former foster child who’d bounced through the system before finding adoption with a loving Christian family, she knows something about struggling for one’s identity and one’s personal rights. She felt she had a particular perspective to bring to this burgeoning legal clash over values, ideas, and the right to personal privacy.

You can learn more about Alexis, her remarkable testimony, and her experience standing up for herself and her peers in a federal court in the latest issue of Faith & Justice.

In this issue, you’ll also read …

  • ADF President, CEO, and General Counsel Michael P. Farris on the danger of not communicating our religious beliefs to our children.
  • How ADF International is working to focus world attention on protecting human rights.
  • Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on the opportunities being afforded to Christians in an era of growing hostility toward religious freedom.
  • One young woman’s testimony of the difference faith-based adoption has made in her life.

Chris Potts

Chris Potts

Senior Writer

Chris Potts is a senior writer for Alliance Defending Freedom, sharing stories of Christians who stand up for the sanctity of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

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