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  • November 1, 2018
    … of breaking law in attempt to force men into shelter for homeless sexually abused women Published Published on … of Anchorage I Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube WATCH A Homeless Shelter Gave These Women Hope So Why Is the
  • August 2, 2019
    Why Anchorage Went After a Womens Overnight ShelterThe Downtown Hope Center in Anchorage operates an … threatened to take away this safe haven Alone in the cold homeless women in Anchorage Alaska need somewhere to
  • December 11, 2018
    … Downtown Hope Center … Christian womens homeless shelter triumphs over government hostility Facebook … targeting the Downtown Hope Center AGAIN After dropping a complaint against the shelter in the wake of a loss in … because of their religious beliefs We wont sit back and watch this happen The Downtown Hope Center is just one of …
  • April 6, 2022
    … among us Thats exactly what Pastor Isaiah Burner a volunteer with the prolife ministry Love Life was doing … emotional counseling to pregnant mothers and to connect women with the material resources needed to help welcome … been allowed to continue operating in the wake of COVID19 These volunteers took extra precautions to comply with the
  • September 30, 2019
    … Womens shelter triumphs over Anchorages hostility … After loss in … to Shut Its Doors … ANCHORAGE Alaska …   In the wake of  a loss in federal court Anchorage officials dropped a … where he would have been sleeping next to abused and homeless women The city then chose to pursue the complaint …
  • July 1, 2021
    … Anchorage again requiring womens shelter to let males sleep next to abused women … ADF … …   Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a faithbased womens shelter filed suit in federal court … where he would have been sleeping next to abused and homeless women The city then chose to pursue the complaint …
  • December 21, 2021
    … Court ruling protects Anchorage faithbased womens shelter … ADF attorneys represent Downtown Hope Center … v Municipality of Anchorage II … ANCHORAGE Alaska …   A federal court issued an  order  Monday ruling that the city … according to its religious beliefs and serving the citys homeless population We hope the courts order puts an end to
  • September 20, 2022
    … Wyoming homeless shelter defends its freedom to hire only those who share its … Casper … CASPER Wyo …   The Wyoming Rescue Mission filed a  federal lawsuit  Tuesday against state and federal … participants offered 5597 case management sessions and gave 1208 thrift store vouchers worth $3964992 that provided …
  • March 7, 2023
    … faithbased adoption agency … ADF attorneys represent New Hope Family Services in successful settlement of federal … Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Hands Holding a Heart symbolizing adoption … SYRACUSE NY …   In a victory … children said ADF Senior Counsel Roger Brooks New Hope is a private religious ministry that doesnt take a dime from …
  • March 30, 2019
    … Image The Government Is Twisting the Law to Target a Christian Womens Homeless Shelter … Downtown Hope Center v Municipality of … share sleeping quarters with abused and homeless womenWatch … Legal Documents … Court Title Date Trial Court Joint …