Bristol Regional Women’s Center v. Slatery

The Bristol Regional Women’s Center is challenging a 2015 Tennessee law protecting women and requiring a waiting period before abortions can be procured. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a similar waiting period in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. (2/17/2021)


Stand for Religious Freedom

Across America, government officials are getting bolder. Some are working to restrict your religious freedom, silence your speech, and crush your conscience. Here's what you can do. (7/1/2021)


Who We Are



An Important Day in Jack Phillips’ Fight for His Freedoms

Because of his momentous win at the Supreme Court, Jack thought that Colorado’s hostility toward him because of his faith would be over. But he was wrong. (5/2/2021)


The Freedoms of These Creative Professionals Still Hang in the Balance after Masterpiece Victory

Both Blaine and Barronelle are awaiting decisions that risk the future of their businesses. They have already paid a heavy price for standing for their faith. (5/1/2021)


The Year in Review

This past year has been monumental for Alliance Defending Freedom. Here are just some of the incredible highlights. (4/20/2020)


HUGE News! President Trump Takes 3 Major Actions on Religious Freedom Relying in Large Part on an ADF Supreme Court Case and Clients

The President’s announcement makes it clear: People of faith are not second-class citizens. (4/20/2020)