Client Story

Spencer Anderson

In third grade, Spencer Anderson first began to think seriously about abortion. Some guest speakers in his homeroom class spoke about the subject, and he still remembers marveling that anyone, for any reason, “wouldn’t want people to live.” (4/19/2020)


Idea Economics 101: Free Market

In the same way that a quality product sells well, good ideas prevail in the metaphorical thought “market.” In this “market of ideas,” you, the consumer, are free to weigh the pros and cons of competing ideas to make the best choice. While a physical product is exchanged for actual money, thinkers can barter for your “buy in.” But what if that choice—the ability to hear a different perspective—is taken away from you? (5/2/2021)

Press Release

Ohio college sued for limiting free speech to less than one percent of campus

Alliance Defending Freedom files challenge to unconstitutional speech policy (4/19/2020)

Press Release

Ohio college stops confining speech to 1% of campus

Columbus State Community College settles student’s lawsuit (4/19/2020)