Reddy v. Foster

A New Hampshire law allows the creation of 25-foot zones in which no person may speak, stand, or even enter on public ways and sidewalks outside of abortion facilities. (5/29/2020)


A 12-Week Preborn Baby Saved Because the Father Wouldn’t Give Up

It’s stories like this that has special meaning for us here at Alliance Defending Freedom. (4/20/2020)

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ADF to 1st Circuit: NH law creating censorship zones must go

ADF attorney, allied attorney available to media following oral arguments Thursday (5/4/2021)

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1st Circuit sidesteps ruling on constitutionality of NH censorship zones

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom allied attorney Michael Tierney. (5/4/2021)

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ADF files suit against NH anti-speech zone similar to one US Supreme Court struck down

Zone creates 25-foot non-speech area around abortion facilities (5/7/2021)


High Court Decision Gives Pro-Life Advocates Breathing Room

“The government has no sound justification for banning free speech on public sidewalks, as the U.S. Supreme Court recently affirmed,” says ADF Senior Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. “Censorship zones in such places are about as clear a violation of the First Amendment as it gets. (5/1/2021)

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NH anti-speech zone law temporarily suspended

ADF official comment (4/19/2020)

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Court order freezes NH censorship zone law

Order stops enforcement of 25-foot non-speech areas around abortion facilities (4/19/2020)