McCullen v. Coakley

Supreme Court vindicates the rights of pro-life sidewalk counselors to engage in peaceful prayer and witness to women and men entering abortion facilities in a 9-0 victory for Free Speech. (12/15/2020)


Public Square


Client Story

Eleanor McCullen

Two days a week, five hours per day, for the last 14 years, Eleanor McCullen has stood on the sidewalk outside a Boston Planned Parenthood facility trying to persuade mothers not to abort their babies. (4/22/2021)


Supreme Court Wrap Up: How Did Religious Liberty Do This Term?

People of faith have much to celebrate and many reasons for hope. (7/30/2020)





Alliance Defending Freedom Brings Key Cases to Current Supreme Court

Please join me in praying that the heart of each judge of the highest court in our nation will be sensitive to the directives of the Lord – and expand religious freedom and protections for life for the sake of our children and grandchildren. (4/19/2020)


4 Reasons Why the U.S. Supreme Court Should Hear This Anti-Free Speech ‘Buffer Zone’ Case

The First Amendment doesn’t only protect those Americans who agree with the government. (5/14/2020)


A Critical Week to Pray for Nation-Shaping Events at the Supreme Court

There’s no way for me to overstate how important each of these cases are, and how much depends on the Lord’s working in the hearts of these nine justices. Your prayers and support have been so crucial in bringing these cases this far. (4/30/2021)


In the Shadow of Roe v. Wade – Prayers and the Legal Push for Life

Later this month, pro-life advocates across the country will gather to mourn the 42nd year of the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that endeavored to legitimize abortion in the eyes of the American public. That the endeavor failed – that year after year sees stronger support among ensuing generations for a repeal of the ruling – is cold comfort to those of us chilled by the specter of the 57 million babies (one out of six of our fellow Americans) killed in the womb across these four decades. (5/3/2021)


A Biden Presidency Could Mean a Big Break (and Payday) for the Abortion Industry

Where the sanctity of human life is threatened, you can be sure that ADF will continue to provide a strong defense in courts nationwide—including all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. (2/15/2021)


David Benham’s Arrest Reminds Us that Threats to Sidewalk Counseling Are Nothing New

Often counselors who stand outside of abortion facilities are the last voice a woman hears before her abortion appointment. (5/28/2020)


WATCH: What Happened When a State Lawmaker Saw a Pro-Life Advocate outside Planned Parenthood

These pro-life advocates use their First Amendment rights for a noble purpose. Can Brian Sims say the same? (5/4/2021)