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December 11, 2018
… a co-ed shelter where they may feel even more unsafe. But in Anchorage, Alaska, survivors  do  have a place to turn: … and changing rooms are open to biological women only. The city’s true motivation was clear: It wanted to force this … and the City. Thankfully, in the wake of a loss in federal court, Anchorage officials dropped a complaint filed with the
May 31, 2018
… As Catholics, the Tennes family believes what the Bible says about marriage: that it is between one man and one … these events to a nearby farm. They never thought that a city 22 miles away would punish them for simply stating their … orientation … samesex marriage … religious freedom … Michigan … marriage … free speech … farmers market … East …
May 24, 2018
… by her forever family and began to develop some stability in her life. But her tumultuous childhood shaped her. As … recounts it, she was “so quiet” as a child, and “didn’t have [her] own voice.” Others spoke for her. It wasn’t … or listen to her voice. So Alexis simply asked the court to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of every …