Brooker v. The Governors of Missouri State University

One student’s stand results in sweeping changes at a major Midwest university. (5/29/2020)

Client Story

Emily Brooker

College was a rude awakening for Emily Brooker. Her freshman year, she received a class assignment to perform homosexual behavior in public, such as holding hands or kissing, and then write a paper about the experience. (4/19/2020)


Beware the Bias Investigators

And by implementing the Bias Response Team, MSU is violating students’ rights to free speech once again. So much for inclusivity. (4/29/2021)

Press Release

Missouri State U. quickly settles lawsuit with student punished for opposing homosexual adoption

ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom represents student, offending professor forced to resign from administrative duties, student’s infraction erased    (4/29/2021)