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  • ADF to 9th Circuit: Protect parents' right to direct upbringing of their children
  • After the City of Erie, Pennsylvania passed a law prohibiting public nudity, the Supreme Court ruled that it was consistent with the Constitution.
  • The Supreme Court upheld a New York program allowing public school teachers to teach some secular classes to qualifying students enrolled at religious schools.
  • The Supreme Court ruled that an amendment to the National Endowment for the Arts guidelines aimed at restricting pornography was constitutionally permissible.
  • ADF qualified to provide training on anti-religious discrimination in workplace
  • The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously upheld a New York law, holding that there is no constitutional “right” to assisted suicide.
  • The Supreme Court upheld a Montana law protecting women. The law ensured that only licensed physicians could perform abortions.
  • ADF to Supreme Court: No religious tests for civic duty
  • Parents Defending Education is challenging three overbroad Olentangy Local School District policies that compel students to speak contrary to their deeply-held beliefs and that discriminate against their views.
  • ADF represents satire website Babylon Bee in friend-of-the-court brief challenging New York censorship law at 2nd Circuit