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Rule of law prevails in Prop. 8 case

Supreme Court orders 9th Circuit to reinstate stay on decision that declared Calif. marriage amendment unconstitutional

WASHINGTON — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued an order Saturday that vacates Friday’s premature order from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in the lawsuit concerning California’s marriage amendment. The Proposition 8 legal team filed an emergency application earlier today that argued the 9th Circuit’s order prematurely lifted a stay on a district court order that had declared the amendment unconstitutional. Kennedy agreed.

Kennedy, the associate justice who decides such motions pertaining to the 9th Circuit, agreed that court rules require the 9th Circuit to wait for a certified copy of the judgment from the Supreme Court before taking action. The high court has not yet issued its certified judgment.

“Everyone on all sides of the marriage debate should agree that the legal process must be followed,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Austin R. Nimocks. “Justice Kennedy made sure the 9th Circuit abided by its prior order establishing that the stay would remain in place until final disposition by the Supreme Court.”

When the 9th Circuit issued the stay, it stated that “the stay shall continue until final disposition by the Supreme Court.” The 9th Circuit acknowledged Wednesday that disposition would not occur until at least 25 days from June 26, but it nonetheless lifted the stay on Friday without explanation. Kennedy’s order has the effect of reinstating the stay.

“The more than 7 million Californians that voted to enact Proposition 8 deserve nothing short of the full respect and due process our judicial system provides,” Nimocks said.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed the emergency application together with Andrew P. Pugno, general counsel for, the banner organization for the official proponents and campaign committee of Proposition 8. The U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the case concerning Proposition 8, on Wednesday.

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