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Supreme Court of the United States

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President Biden’s agenda is at odds with promises of liberty guaranteed to every American. And this anti-freedom agenda won’t be stopped if we do nothing.

Through God’s blessing, ADF is already standing in the gap to defend religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and marriage and family. But that work is only possible with God’s blessing (John 15:5) and your faithful support.

As the threats to our freedom mount, we must sustain and expand our legal defenses.

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The work that you make possible through ADF is as critical now as at any other time in our ministry’s history.

Since we don’t take on a case unless we have the funding to do so, monthly donations help make sure we can take on the critical cases that will affect your freedoms.

As an ADF Monthly Partner, you’ll receive our monthly newsletter, Freedom Insider, so you can stay up-to-date on cases and issues that matter to you.

Plus, you’ll make a great impact in the battle to defend religious freedom and other fundamental freedoms from the attacks of the Biden administration and other government officials.

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