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Medical Rights of Conscience

Medical Rights of Conscience

No medical professional should be forced to violate their oath to “do no harm.”

Every American should have the freedom to operate according to their ethical and religious beliefs, especially doctors, nurses, and other medical providers. The Constitution protects their freedom too.

Alliance Defending Freedom is working in the courtroom and state legislatures to fight for conscience protections for the medical community.

Consider this:

36 percent
of Christian medical students say they have experienced discrimination or pressure during medical school
1 in 5 medical students
the vast majority of whom were on track to become OB/GYNs—say they have chosen not to practice in a certain field because of hostility toward their beliefs in that area of practice
9 out of 10
religious doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals say they would rather stop practicing medicine than violate their ethical, moral, or religious beliefs

Medical professionals gladly serve all people but may have a conscience objection against a particular procedure, like prescribing abortion-inducing drugs or performing a medically unnecessary mastectomy on a teenage girl as part of a so-called gender transition procedure.

The freedom to live and work consistent with one’s conscience is at the heart of what motivates many who enter the medical field, a profession full of individuals who dedicate their lives to healing and doing no harm.

No one should be forced to choose between their faith and their profession.

Are you a member of the medical community who has been pressured to violate your conscience?

Do No Harm Video

The freedom to practice medicine consistent with one’s beliefs is critical. When freedom of conscience is compromised, patient care is compromised.

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Advocating for freedom in your state

Are you a member of the medical community who has been pressured to violate your conscience?

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U.S. Supreme Court

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