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Abortion Harms Women and Destroys Life

Babies Deserve a Chance at Life

Since 1973, when Roe v. Wade was decided, over 57 million babies have been denied the right to life. This tragedy is a devastating mark upon our culture, and even more sickening is that there is an entire industry profiting from each child killed in the womb. With your help, and the help of a great alliance that stands for life, Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting to put an end to the abortion industry and restore the human right to life.

Where We Are Right Now

Roe v. Wade declared that an unborn baby is not a person.


Courts have used Roe v. Wade to deny unborn babies the dignity of their right to life.

Millions of lives have been aborted because unborn babies lack legal status and therefore cannot defend themselves against a deadly choice made by misguided and misinformed mothers.

Where We Need to Be

Society recognizes the human dignity of unborn babies.


Unborn babies are universally recognized as human beings worthy of legal protection.

What We’re Doing to Get There

Alliance Defending Freedom fights for the lives of unborn babies by effectively advocating in court and culture that life begins at conception. And there is reason for hope! We have won several landmark cases where courts have stated that at conception an unborn baby is indeed a human being.

Options or Abortions?

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