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Help Further the Challenge Grant to Defend Churches and Protect Religious Freedom

Some government officials are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to bully and silence churches. If people like you say nothing – if we do nothing – we could lose our religious freedom. Government officials who are hostile to Christianity are laying legal groundwork that could restrict and silence Christians long after COVID is gone.

This is a time of crisis for our faith.

Attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom have been in court defending your right to freely live out your beliefs. In just the past few months, our attorneys have faced off against government officials who intentionally singled out churches, pro-life sidewalk counselors and other Christian activities.

Thankfully, ADF has had success in reversing policies like these, securing over a dozen legal victories for churches all over the nation. Thanks to these victories, millions of Americans have enjoyed greater access to their churches during the pandemic.

But now MORE legal issues are arising across the nation. And the list of restrictions we’ve witnessed keeps getting longer:

  • No hymn singing
  • No indoor church
  • Unequal restrictions on building capacity
  • No home Bible studies

ADF is the largest legal organization defending your religious freedom in courts across the country. We have won in local and state courts, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our win rate is nearly 80 percent.

We don’t charge a penny to these clients who are standing up for their rights!

But we can only take cases as we have the funds.

That’s why a group of ADF donors has offered a $115,000 Challenge Grant. They want to inspire you and other Americans to further the impact of this grant to reach the $230,000 goal to defend churches and other victims of this blatant government overreach.

Please give now to stop the government from treating churches and people of faith as second-class citizens. We are filing lawsuits on behalf of people like you to stop the government from discriminating against Christians and threatening the free exercise of religion.

Please donate today to help ADF defend your religious liberty.

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