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News, Commentary, and Resources for COVID-19

Check out the latest information and resources to help you navigate these challenging times

As the world weathers the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you’ve likely experienced drastic changes to your daily life. The resources below will keep you updated in the midst of this ever-changing climate and help you navigate these unique challenges. Please be sure to check back here often as we respond to the latest news with additional and updated resources.


What You Need to Know


Ryan Tucker - ADF Senior Counsel


Ryan Tucker - ADF Senior Counsel

What ADF Is Doing About It

In the past few weeks, as officials attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, some have overstepped their authority. At times, these officials quickly course-correct after learning the unintended consequences of their orders. Some have taken prodding from ADF letters to set the record—and the law—straight. Others continue to violate the First Amendment, particularly when it comes to regulations placed on churches and other ministries.


Religious Freedom Defended

COVID-19 Map of Cases

14 out of 14

ADF has successfully defended the rights of our church and ministry clients in 14 out of 14 cases


Churches and Ministries advised throughout the nation on COVID-19 related issues


ADF is taking action in two new cases

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Religious Freedom

Global Impact Ministries...

Greensboro, N.C., police arrested several Christians for engaging in peaceful prayer outside an abortion facility.

Religious Freedom

South Wind Women’s center...

Pro-life faith leaders to court: Deny abortionists’ demand to skirt OK governor’s order during pandemic

Religious Freedom

Benham v. City of Charlotte...

Police arrested and/or cited members of two Christian pro-life organizations for engaging in peaceful prayer...

Religious Freedom

Temple Baptist Church...

Greenville, Miss., Mayor Errick Simmons issued an executive order that bans drive-in church services until...

Religious Freedom

First Baptist Church...

A provision of Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s COVID-19 mass gathering ban unconstitutionally treats...

Religious Freedom

Metropolitan Tabernacle...

The city of Chattanooga’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order did not originally ban drive-in churches, but...

Religious Freedom

NC county confronted for...

Prepacked communion, tithes dropped in buckets banned at drive-in church services while exchanging food,...

Religious Freedom

ADF letter prompts MA town...

The government can certainly concern itself with public health and safety, but it can’t treat church services differently than similar types of gatherings...

Religious Freedom

Edgewater Christian Fellowship v. Brown

Oregon governor sued over COVID-19 order that allows numerous gatherings, restricts churches...

Religious Freedom

Nevada governor: People can gather ... but not in churches

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and other state officials for allowing restaurants and stores to operate at 50% capacity while continuing to restrict churches to gatherings of less than 10 people ...

Religious Freedom

Indianapolis, Marion County singling out church services...

Mayor Joseph Hogsett and the Marion County Public Health Department on behalf of a local church that isn’t permitted to hold services, even outside...

Religious Freedom

Christ’s Church of Mt. Spokane
v. Inslee...

Washington governor sued over COVID-19 order that allows secular gatherings, restricts churches...


As a church or ministry leader, you may know why you’re leading at this time in history, but you may not know how. The resource below will help empower you to safely and legally serve those in your care.

COVID-19 Reopening Resource

Considerations for ministries during the COVID-19 crisis
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Scroll down to the “Dig Deeper” section for information specifically on the CARES Act.

Webinar Series: Faith in a Time of Crisis


Addressing the CARES Act and Other Ministry
Questions Amidst COVID-19


How Religious Leaders Across the Movement
Are Responding to COVID-19


How COVID-19 will impact First Amendment
Rights on college campuses.

Take Action

What You Can Do

Do you need prayer or have a story to share?


Do you think the government has violated your First Amendment rights in response to COVID-19? Has the government failed to apply restrictions in your area evenly or treated your church or ministry worse than others during this pandemic?


Do you need information on how to prepare and protect your church or ministry?



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