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Jack Phillips

Your Chance to Preserve Freedom in America

Here’s the truth: the Biden administration is threatening our most cherished freedoms. If we do not act, our children and grandchildren may be less free than the generation of Americans before them.

President Biden and his allies are crafting policies that expand access to abortion, force Christians to submit to radical gender and sexual ideologies, and make it harder for parents to teach faith-based values to their children. Meanwhile, left-leaning social media giants are preventing religious people from speaking freely.

We vow to stand against these policies every step of the way and defend the unborn, religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, and parental rights.

But we need your help.

We’ve secured 14 victories at the Supreme Court since 2011, and our attorneys have faithfully defended First Amendment freedoms in hundreds of cases — winning nearly 80% of our them. As you can imagine, these efforts are costly, and as a nonprofit, we rely fully on the generous support of everyday Americans like you.

Will you help us stand up against the anti-freedom policies of the Biden administration by making a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, or even $150 today?


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