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Women Sidelined While Transgender Athletes Get Hollywood Treatment

June 9, 2021

“She is a universal, living icon of strength and persistence.”

“...a remarkable woman and athlete who has withstood and achieved so much in her life...”

“The toughest woman in sports.”

Such glowing praise would warm the heart of any female athlete who spilled blood, sweat, and tears in the pursuit of excellence, and pushed her body to the absolute limit in order to achieve something no one thought possible.

Regrettably, each of the above was used to describe a male.

This is where the female athlete finds herself in 2021. Glowing profiles about “women athletes” in Sports Illustrated, celebratory features in GQ Magazine, and glossy photo spreads are reserved for males competing in female sports. Any accomplishment a woman could hope to achieve is doomed to pale in comparison.

And right on cue, Hollywood is doing its part to widen the gap.

A biopic from Mark Gordon Pictures is currently in the works, centered around the life of Fallon Fox. A male who now identifies as a female, Fallon Fox is the first openly transgender MMA fighter in the history of the sport. While being allowed to compete against women, Fox collected five wins and one loss in a short pro career, fracturing the skull of Tamika Brents in the first round of their 2014 bout.

Science and common sense tell us that males are generally bigger, faster, and stronger than females. They have larger hearts and lungs, denser bones, and stronger muscles. No amount of testosterone suppression or adulatory media coverage can undo all those advantages.

The result? Unfair, unsafe, and inferior athletic opportunities for girls and women. According to the most recent polls, 62 percent of Americans agree, which has led to 35 different states considering legislation that protects opportunities for women and girls by ensuring that they are not forced to compete against men.

Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti have firsthand experience. These female athletes filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference after they were forced to compete against two male runners who dominated the field. Chelsea Mitchell lost four state championship titles to male runners. In truth, she lost them before the starter’s gun went off.

Chelsea also wanted her story told. She also wanted a chance to make the world understand why she felt cheated, and why all the work she put in was tossed unceremoniously out the window. So, she wrote an op-ed.

USA Today published it on May 22. At least in part.

On May 25, editors at USA Today, without notice to Chelsea, changed the word “male” to “transgender” throughout her piece and added the following editor’s note to the top of it:

This column has been updated to reflect USA TODAY’s standards and style guidelines. We regret that hurtful language was used.

In a hyperbolic tirade on SB Nation’s Outsports blog, Chelsea’s words were somehow equated to racism, and then finally branded a “cruel surrender to darkness.”

Fallon Fox, however, is getting a movie.

“You pursue what you’re good at.... I realize that it’s kind of amazing that I hit girls,” said Fox in a GQ interview. “You’re brought up not to hit girls, that it’s the worst sin, and that’s what I do.”

Coming soon to a theater near you.

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