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The Weekly Digest: More on President Trump's Executive Order

By James Arnold posted on:
October 17, 2017
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On to the news.


More on President Trump's Executive Order


First, before the executive order was released, ADF Senior Counsel Greg Baylor spoke with NPR:

Here's an excerpt from the transcript:

"STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: [...] Was this executive order what you wanted?

"BAYLOR: I would say that, you know, the two words that come to mind in seeing the outline of this upcoming executive order are disappointment and hope. There's disappointment because it's not all that we hoped that it would be. But we do have hope that this perhaps is just the first step in the Trump administration's effort to fulfill its campaign promise that he made on the campaign trail that he would fully protect religious freedom, that he would protect people like the Little Sisters, that he would stop his administration being something that really interferes significantly with the religious freedom of people."

After the order was released, Greg spoke with CBS about the text of the order:



Greg also spoke with Fox News:


All in all, Greg’s analysis was consistent with that of ADF President, CEO, and General Counsel Michael Farris, who said the following in a statement after President Trump announced his order:

"[...] though we appreciate the spirit of today’s gesture, vague instructions to federal agencies simply leaves them wiggle room to ignore that gesture, regardless of the spirit in which it was intended. We strongly encourage the president to see his campaign promise through to completion and to ensure that all Americans—no matter where they live or what their occupation is—enjoy the freedom to peacefully live and work consistent with their convictions without fear of government punishment."

You can also read ADF Senior Counsel Jim Campbell’s piece on the subject over at The Hill:

"But when it comes to creating actual legal protections — the stuff that makes an immediate difference in the real world — the President’s order is short on specifics and doesn’t include half of what was in a prior draft. So while people of faith are heartened by the President’s gesture, they are left to hope that this is just the beginning — not the end — of the President’s efforts to secure religious freedom. In other words, they hope that this isn’t just a gesture, but is a harbinger of real action to come."

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James Arnold

James Arnold

News and Research Manager

James Arnold manages and edits the Alliance Alert, a daily repository of news in all forms—written, spoken, or in video format.


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