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Supreme Court of the United States

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Protecting Fairness in Women’s Sports Demands Comprehensive Legislation

Enacting comprehensive women’s sports laws is essential to ensure fairness in women’s sports and protect equal opportunities for women.

California Embraces Physician-Assisted Suicide, Christian Health Care Professionals Fight Back

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a Christian physician and the Christian Medical & Dental Associations are suing the state of California.

3 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in 2021-2022

Here are the highlights of three cases that will have vast implications for the protection of life, free speech, and the right of every American to live in accordance with their conscience.

Colorado Web Designer Lorie Smith takes Free Speech Case to the Supreme Court

Colorado web designer Lorie Smith is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold her freedom of speech.

How the Ministerial Exception Protects Religious Institutions from Government Interference

The ministerial exception allows religious organizations to be able to make employment decisions for ministers without government interference.

Remembering Pro-Life Advocate Sue Thayer

The late Sue Thayer had the courage to expose Planned Parenthood’s seedy tactics of manipulating expectant moms to choose abortion.

In Targeting a Christian School for Its Beliefs, the Government Is Harming Low-Income Students

A federal court ruled that Maryland officials violated Bethel Christian Academy's First Amendment rights when they kicked it out of a school voucher program.