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Supreme Court of the United States

Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Montana Seeks to Protect the Rights of Pregnant Women, Planned Parenthood Sues to Block Commonsense Safety Laws

Pregnant women deserve health and safety. They don’t forfeit that protection when they consider having an abortion.

Court Stops Vermont From Treating Religious High School Students Worse Than Everyone Else

ADF won a lawsuit challenging the exclusion of religious schools from Vermont’s Dual Enrollment Program.

Prayer: Our First Defense Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

Pray that health care professionals would continue to stand in their personal and religious convictions.

How One College Student Challenged Cancel Culture and Stood Up for His Beliefs

Jack Denton knew his First Amendment rights had been violated and reached out to Alliance Defending Freedom for help.

Can a Court Dictate How a Christian College Carries Out Its Mission?

Gordon College, a Christian college in Massachusetts, is asking the courts to uphold its religious freedom.

Policies and Parents: A Time to Speak, Part II

Policies that ignore biological reality—ignore sex—pose serious risks to student health and safety and undermine parents' fundamental rights.

Policies and Parents: A Time to Speak, Part I

Parents, not schools or governments, have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.