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Supreme Court of the United States

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It's Not Just Nurses and Doctors; Pharmacists Can Be Conscientious Objectors to Abortion Too

If forcing pro-life pharmacists, like the Stormans, to dispense abortifacients sounds outrageous to you, it's because it is.

You will be made to worship their god

Even if the left must use the power of the government to fine you if you refuse to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies, you will be made to worship their god.

Why Mickey Mouse, Ironman, and Tall Guys in Shorts Shouldn't Be Your Moral Guide

Much has been made of the recent passage of legislation supporting religious freedom and personal privacy.

Novel Hints at What Future Holds if Trends Attacking Religious Freedom Go Unchecked

"In Justice" written by Alliance Defending Freedom President, CEO & General Counsel Alan Sears is a stark reminder of what can happen if trends attacking religious freedom go unchecked.

3 Common Myths Used Against Christian Bakers like Aaron and Melissa Klein and Jack Phillips

Attorneys for Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakers, Aaron and Melissa Klein, recently announced that they are taking their case to the Oregon Court of Appeals

Freedom Matters Podcast: The Other Side of Gender Identity

This week on Freedom Matters, James Arnold helps us understand how those in the transgender corner think about, and argue for, their cause.

North Carolina Lawmakers Move to Ensure Women’s Privacy and Safety

"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”