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Supreme Court of the United States

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Does Standing Up for Religious Liberty Hurt Our Christian Witness?

Jack Phillips’ story could help us formulate an answer.

Connecticut Policy Denies Girls Athletic Opportunities

Four female athletes are standing up to this unfair treatment. 

I Was the Fastest Girl in Connecticut. But Transgender Athletes Made it an Unfair Fight.

It’s discouraging that the federal district court has decided that these experiences—these lost opportunities—simply don’t matter.

Why This Student Was Canceled for a Catholic Message

It has been said that difficult circumstances don’t create character but reveal it. That is certainly true of Jack Denton, a former student at Florida State University. 

Why Fight for Free Speech on Campus? This Case Provides an Answer

University officials can’t banish freedom of thought to the remote corners of campus, keeping certain ideas out of sight and out of mind.

‘Live Not by Lies’ in the New Purity Culture

It takes people who are courageous enough to refuse to endorse lies and, instead, stand by the truth.

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear One of the Biggest Abortion Cases Since Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court announced that it would hear a case involving a Mississippi law to decide whether states can pass laws that protect life from abortion before an unborn baby is viable.