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Supreme Court of the United States

Michigan Woman Facing Federal Investigation for Seeking a Christian Roommate

October 17, 2017

Just when you thought you have heard it all, along comes a case where your first thought is – ok, what am I missing?  Surely this can’t be right!

But recently, a 31-year-old Grand Rapids, Michigan lady was served with a complaint from the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and now faces a federal investigation simply for seeking a Christian roommate.

In about July of this year, this lady put up a note card on her church’s bulletin board seeking a Christian roommate.  She wanted a Christian roommate as she wanted to live with a person who would encourage her in her faith.  She did not want to live with someone who might tear down her faith, mock her faith, or try to convert her to another faith.  Rather, she wanted her roommate relationship to be one where they could pray with each other, read the Bible together, and share biblical insights. Basically, she wanted it to be in a living situation where they would encourage each other in their Christian walk.

But apparently, seeking this in America could land you in court.  Big Brother now wants to tell you who you can and cannot live with!  The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, alleging that this “posting” was discriminatory.  The Michigan Department of Civil Rights has turned this over to the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, which notified this lady that it will now be handling this investigation.

This lady is not an apartment manager.  She is not a landlord.  She is a single lady living in her own house who is seeking a roommate.  Her house is about 900 square feet, with one kitchen, one living area, and one bathroom.  The Supreme Court has declared there is a right to privacy in the constitution.  How much more private can you get than sharing a bathroom with someone?

This lady absolutely has a fundamental, constitutional right to seek out a Christian roommate.  To claim that she loses her constitutional rights to freedom of association, freedom of religion and freedom of speech just because someone else might be offended that she wants to live with a roommate of the same faith is preposterous.

We at ADF are representing this lady.  We are prepared to defend her fundamental rights as far as needed until common sense can be restored.  Surely, the officials at HUD and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights have more pressing matters than investigating a young woman for seeking a Christian roommate!

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