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A Historic Commitment to Defending Liberty on Campus

October 17, 2017

In any campaign, logistics represents an essential, though often overlooked, component of victory. While Napoleon once quipped that "an army marches on its stomach," a corollary of this principle holds true for the ADF Center for Academic Freedom: defending liberty requires funding. Thus, we are thrilled and grateful to announce a recent $9.2 million grant to support our efforts to defend the free speech and religious freedom rights of university students and faculty.  With ADF matching this grant, just under $20 million—the largest effort of its kind ever—will be directed to defending the rights of university students and faculty and to eradicating unconstitutional university policies.  This historic gift positions us to challenge university speech codesto ensure that Christian and conservative student organizations can operate on campus freely, and to eliminate ideological litmus tests for students and faculty.  While this grant should serve as a warning for universities, it should also reassure students that the Alliance Defense Fund and the ADF Center for Academic Freedom are committed to defending their freedoms over the long term.  In a nutshell, thanks to the generosity both of those behind the grant and of those who will help us meet the match, the Lord has graciously allowed us to expand our efforts to restore the marketplace of ideas and to keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel on campus.

Update:  David French, the Director of the ADF Center for Academic Freedom, recently appeared on The Michael Medved Show and on Moody Radio’s Prime Time America to discuss this unprecedented grant and what it means for Christian students and faculty members.

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