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Freedom Matters Podcast: Texas’ Abortion Law and the Rise of One Conservative News Outlet

October 17, 2017

By: Bob Trent

“Our arguments were simple – These are common sense regulations to protect women’s health”

-Scott Keller, Solicitor General of Texas on the arguments of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerststedt.

This week on Freedom Matters Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller (@scokeller) gives insight into Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. He argued the case before the Supreme Court of the United States. The challenge to Texas HB2, which would require all abortion mills to meet basic health and safety standards, is one of the most important cases regarding abortion in the last 20 years. He also talks about the Court’s ruling affirming a lower court decision that struck down President Obama’s changes to immigration regulations.

(Editor’s Note:  After the recording of the show, the Court ruled against the Texas law.)

Also featured on the podcast this week is Kelsey Harkness (@kelseyjharkness), Senior News Producer for The Daily Signal, discussing the emergence of the news outlet as one of the most important conservative voices in America.

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